‚ÄčToday I just want to talk about life and making mistakes. I just figured that we make so many mistakes before getting to the right way which is pretty normal and with each mistake there’s a lesson. 

So there’s this thing that people judge us from our mistakes, our past and the chapters of our lives that they walked in at knowing not that the same past has brought us with them. 

I believe that nobody is perfect and we all live by our imperfections. But is it right for people to judge others ? is it fair for people to use your mistakes against you ? And make you feel that you are entirely entitled to them? 

Mistakes are meant to make us learn, good lessons, bad lessons and see life in all ways that there is. I wonder why people see our mistakes more than they see our progress. Judging hasn’t ever made progress but gave privilege to stereotyping. 

Making a mistake doesn’t have any level, letting you know when it will come to an end. Mistakes happen lets be positive with them to recieve the lesson that comes with it. Let’s embrace our mistakes.

Positivity is a missing virtue in the human race today. 

After a mistake is done the best way to deal with it is to pick the positive lessons learnt and move on with life. Holding on to the past and the mistakes that we have done holds our lives back and we can not progress, we can not move on, we can not correct the mistakes. We should learn to let go, accept our mistakes and apologize then move on with life. For those judging you can put a deaf ear but to those growing with you keep them well. 

There’s no perfection in this life but there’s always room for improvement and also correction. Sometimes our mistakes look like the most right thing we have done yet with time we realize that it was a mistake. 

Basically it is okay to make mistakes because that’s how we learn about life and that’s how we learn to make the right choices. 

They say that sometimes we can avoid the mistakes by listening and being cautious but I would say even being cautious could be a mistake.

Allow me to quote Marie Forleo who  once said that “if you could avoid your mistakes , you’d miss everything you learned from them.” when a child is growing up they stop using the pencil and use a pen. why ? because they need to learn that mistakes cannot be erased but they can be corrected. And they will always be there to remind us of where we going and where we want to be in life. Without mistakes, I’d say that we wouldn’t move on with life because we would so comfortable with ourselves but once we realize that we’ve made a mistake we should correct it and move on with life. Don’t let a mistake beat you down. 

I’ll end by saying, Don’t bring yesterday’s failures and mistakes into today. They are over and done with. learn from them and move on because today is a new day. 



its sad how we let people in and they break us into pieces. its sad how we love people and they dont ever see it. its hurting how we care for them and they take us for granted. sometimes we feel guilty for their mistakes we even feel pain when they hurt. Most of us have been in this situation and we all know its a very painful one. But well what  are we to do about it?.

Dont make other innocent people pay for someones mistakes.Dont let the past determine the future.Forgive forget and learn from the mistakes.. Do what you do best and let the rest be  whatever. Pick up the broken pieces and create something better. it doesnt matter how  ugly the scars look like. you can still make them look beautiful and make them a constant reminder of the things you have learned in life..