Have you ever felt like no body in the world understands you and your innerself? spent time trying to look for a best friend. someone you can talk to when you are sad, happy,low, and all that. someone who will never judge you and  someone who will understand exactly what you feel. someone who will be there through your thick and thin and encourage you to hold when you almost giving up. someone who wont care about how you look or what your heart looks like. someone who will stand by you at all times and will never stab you at the back no matter what. someone you  can tell all your secrets and never feel unsecure about it. someone you will never regret telling your secrets……

well i think you shouldnt worry looking for that person, because that person can be  you yourself. you can only be yourself because you know yourself better than anybody does. you will never be ashamed of being you and you will never regret telling yourself your own secrets. 

Be your own best friend and live happy.

keep God close he never disappoints


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