she was lost in the darkness of her own soul. she was confused and she wandered within herself. Life was not easy for her because all she hoped for never seemed to come along.

She had dreams and desire to achieve. she wanted a happy better life than she lived but every time she tried to start something it all crushed down and she would break so badly.life got tough and everything was so out of order.

Everyday she woke up and starred straight to the mirror, sometimes she would get  disappointed  with herself but just sometimes she would see a complete image of who she really was;a strong woman,very courageous,very confident,a very aggressive lady and for once she thought to herself why would it not be possible to walk through the mirror and be whoever she sees there because basically she was living a life of somebody else.

one morning she woke up stronger than ever and better than she had ever been.she thanked God for life. She had finally realized that she could not be any better without trying hard, without planning and without God in every step of the way.she realized that the mistake she always did was giving up and breaking easily. If she had lived to who she really was in the mirror she could be living a better life.

The point is;

There is nothing good in life that comes easy,we all have to work hard to achieve what we really wish for. Let us not sit back and watch life unfold to what we dream for. let us work smart for our dreams. do not let anybody live your dream. Do not give up no matter how hard things seem. Fight it and be a warrior of your own. Do not wait for anyone  to fight for you because that’s where falling and breaking starts.Sometimes i think our lives are just like the mirror if we let them break, we can fix them but making them look whole and appealing again is really close to impossible because the cracks still appear at times.So to save ourselves from all this; do not let your life break  save it before it breaks by just being more strong and fighting hard.

We can all do it if we believe in ourselves and  the power within ourselves.14711118604761


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