Every human being has desires and wishes for life.Every being has dreams and goals set to be achieved and nobody  lives happy without living  their dreams and  achieving their goals. well while doing my research on why most people are living unhappy lives regardless of the blessings that God has granted them, it has come to my attention that some of the dreams and desires we have are not genuine and are geared or rather ignited by the lifestyles of others. A good number of people want to live like their friends and neighbors . This  has led to conflicts in the society, in families, among friends,at working places, in relationships and especially among the youth and the new generation. Instead of appreciating what our friends have achieved and working hard to get ours or even better we instill jealousy and starting wanting to be like them.Its so sad that people want to be like others, people want to live in the lives of others and  forgetting that everybody has their own path to follow, their own destiny and their own life to live.We all cant walk on the same path of life and  that’s  why even in career professionalism we have different careers, we cant all be doctors, we cant all be teachers; there has to people walking on different paths of lives. And this applies much on personal life and the success of an individual. you cant be a doctor and walk in the path of a teacher and vice versa.(this is just an example i am not getting much into any career). This factor of wanting to be like other people and wanting to walk in paths that we can not fit has greatly messed up individuals due to lack of SELF ACCEPTANCE and trying to be who we are not. A snake can not live a life of a lion… My dear brothers and sisters lets face reality and lets accept who we are because success in life begins there.Do not  fight to be somebody else fight to be a better you. This is one  good way of being happy and living a good life.Appreciate the success of others and achieve your own success. Set your own goals and not goals depending on anyone else life.In my opinion i think if we all accept who we are and live our lives without looking at the lives of others, the world would be a better place and we would live in much peace than we are living now. THINK ABOUT IT.  UNTIL NEXT TIME GOODBYE READERS.


61 thoughts on “SELF ACCEPTANCE

  1. One of the hardest things to achieve is self-acceptance and self-love. No matter how old we age we seem to always need a reminder of how great we are and what an amazing role we play in society as a whole. Very inspiring post!


  2. As everyone said, inspiring! This is one thing I, and a lot of others I’ve seen, have trouble with. but it is something very important in life!


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  4. what more can i say when you have already said it all..THUMBS UP MY SISTER! I should have seen this o time but still its never too late.


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