first things first; every lady wants or rather desires a man who will love her for her inner-self not for how she looks physically.

Men nowadays do not understand why some women will just get bored of them and they all end up saying that women of nowadays do not want men who are financially unstable or rather give so many reasons why a woman rejected them.

well i did my research and i found out that most men make mistakes when approaching women and this has led to disaster. Here is what i tried coming  up with but i stand to be corrected.


if you want to approach a beautiful lady then you have to look presentable. most men make this mistake and well who wants to be associated with somebody who is not well presented? If you want a lady to listen to you then be well groomed and this will earn you a listen ear. Do not approach a lady with a stinking breath or a dirty shirt, unkempt hair,dirty nails or extremely long nails that are unkempt, shoes that are not brushed. Basically what i mean here is be clean be well groomed and make your move it will earn you points.



most ladies like compliments and they feel appreciated when you compliment them.

men do not meet a lady and go straight to getting her number. Try get a conversation first before asking for her number. compliment her genuinely but be careful not to cross borders. tell her she has got nice shoes nice bag nice hairstyle something general not anything that seems personal. And oh there’s this punch line that most men use to get  a lady’s  attention ‘you look familiar’ men please this doesn’t sound any cool and i would rather you avoid it.


please do not use a vulgar language when talking to a lady even if she is not listening or even when she ignores you. Ladies want to play hard to get so they will do anything to annoy you and trust me your reaction will earn you a lot.


Now that is part one of getting a lady. so a lady is already in your world how do you treat her;


Every lady or rather woman wants to feel special.she wants to be treated special by her man. she wants to feel that she treated different from other women in her mans life[friends and workmates] so how do you make her feel special?

Take her out often or once in a while depending on your financial stability.

Introduce her to your friends and workmates as your girlfriend not as a friend. most ladies feel like their men are not proud of them when you introduce them by their names and stop there without giving details that they are your girlfriend.

Buy her gifts once in a while. Do not wait for an occasion like birthdays and valentines and anniversaries to buy a lady a gift.Buying her gifts more often is remind her that she means a lot to you and you appreciate her. this even strengthens the bond more. i hate this but naturally most ladies are materialistic in one way or the other.

appreciate her each and every time. This is very important.She needs to know that you find her amazing. she needs to hear you tell her good things and good words.

compliment her all time. tell her she is beautiful. compliment her hair her nails her eyes.Generally compliment every little thing about her.

always have time for her. do not give an excuse of your work or business.I always say that nobody is too busy for the ones they love. make time for her each and every time. plan your day well and always fix time for your lady it will make her feel so special.

sacrifice some things for. sometimes you can sacrifice the time you spend with your buddies to be with her.

Lastly but most important always tell her that you love her. tell her every time everyday that you love her.


this is a very  important thing. make sure you understand your woman. in my previous post about relationships i talked about understanding your partner. it is very key in every relationship. By understanding i mean;

know what she likes and what she doesn’t  like to avoid messing with her feelings. listen to her more and understand what she is like.Get to know what makes her happy and what makes her sad then avoid doing what makes her mad and do more of what makes her happy. By understanding your woman, it will make you even love her more and even better. It will also make your relationship stronger be cause you will avoid making her sad.


most men make this mistake.  Getting close to her female friends will make her think a lot. women tend to over think about issues and when you think  its just being friends she is thinking you are interested to her friends.

Also avoid many female friends and to be precise do not keep close female friends like best friends and such. she is supposed to be your best friend so do not have other best friends. maintain your friends but keep a distance so as to maintain her trust. you do not want to loose her trust because if you do things are going to fall badly.

trust and honesty is key in any relationship and its key in maintaining the position you own in your woman’s  life.

I firmly be;live that we can all try and maintain or rather keep a relationship healthy for a lifetime. we just have to understand what we are supposed to do and do it well.

commitments are hard but once you know how to handle them it gets easy.

That’s all for now until next  time,  keep your woman close.

You are  free to give your opinions and correct where need be





  1. I agree with most of your post, but I don’t think that it’s because women are materialistic, maybe more of just happy when they feel like they are being remembered. Really insightful post by the way, especially for boys out there…

    Liked by 1 person

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