Placeholder ImageLets talk about relationships today. Everyone out there wants a successful happy relationship with their partners.Everyone has got expectations an demands from their partners. Well most relationships do not work out well and those that do go through lots of challenges to come out well and successful. A good number of us demand a lot from our partners forgetting that we all are human and we go flaws. Nobody is perfect and i am not perfect.

I did my research and according to my own opinion i think the following issues are very essential in a relationship.(you  free to correct me if wrong)


A relationship is supposed to grow and for that to happen patience is very important. Most partners miss out this important virtue in a relationship.Things cant be perfect in a spur of a second, no things grow slowly and with time everything gets better.If a partner has no patience then that relationship is likely to break or not end up well. Patience in my  context is the ability to withstand  your partners flaws and work on them then give it time for a change. Is this too much to do for someone you love? (i guess not). try being patient and see how it works magic.

Let me address ladies for instance, when you meet a guy who has got all values you need but is financially unstable what happens?

a) most ladies walk out to look for a rich guy who will take care of them physically but they forget that emotional support is more important than any other support in a relationship.Well nobody is going to be poor for life unless they don’t want to be rich. So be patient with that broke guy and help him build an empire that you two will happy about later… is this too much ? think about it.

b) some ladies stay and help their partners grow financially and emotionally. it is important and it is he best way to work out a relationship. Being patient is all what a relationship needs.


Every partner needs support. Every human being needs support from a little child to the old granny. Lets support our partners positively. Emotionally,financially and physically. this support issue has l;ed to a lot of break ups because if you do not support your partner somebody else will and soon that somebody else is going to be the new partner. If you want your relationship to last then do not let your partner lean on somebody else for support. any type of support. Be there for them all time and support them through anything or any struggle they face in their lives and through this your relationship is likely to be successful; 100%


Everyone needs somebody who will understand them. We human beings are full of flaws and well we are imperfect in our own way.So learn the flaws of your partner and understand them then work on them.If your partner is not able to get something you really want due to some circumstances then understand that and be patient until when it is possible to get it. its just that simple; understand. I would like to point out a point here, learn your partner. by learning your partner you get to understand them them better.By learning i mean; know what they love what they hate, their interest and anything that is important to learn about your partner. this is the only way to get to understand your partner.


Trust is very important in a relationship. You need to build trust with your partner. if you don’t trust your partner then things are not going to be good. Trust is very key in a relationship. If you loose trust then the relationship starts breaking. To earn trust then you also need to be loyal to your partner.Don’t do things that will make your partner loose trust in you.You have to stay in the lane of a relationship to earn trust.Have limits and draw a line of your friends.


The greatest of them all is love. LOVE your partner unconditionally for who they are not what they have. LOVE them regardless of their flaws and mistakes. Stay close to them and make them feel they wouldn’t be in a better place if not in your heart.

Finally remember that no one is perfect. so don’t demand for a perfection when you cant offer one.

All the best in building your relationship.

That is all for now. Thank you for reading and your comments are much welcome.


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