The Journey

It has been a long journey. well it all began when her pride was taken away.She was robbed her pride the pride of every woman. she knew the pain of living at a tender age,the age of five years. Early that morning she woke and sat outside the house where she always  sat every morning and play  with the toys. she was innocent very innocent that she didn’t know what a man could to a woman. He came out carrying a bar of chocolate and some juice and gave to her. young as she was she got excited and well she gladly  took it all in. little did she know that it was a dose a painful dose that was gonna haunt her for a life time…………… beep…..beep… beep….. the hospital machines. she opened her eyes n she could feel herself, the pain was too much,the  blood stains,the swells…….. it all began there.

The journey begins.Placeholder Image



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